STIHL KMA 135R Battery KombiEngine – Skin Only


If you, as a professional in gardening and landscaping or as a municipality, have many different tasks to perform and want to work as flexibly as possible, then the STIHL KMA 135 R is ideal. This battery-operated KombiMotor can be used with almost all STIHL KombiTools so that you only have to connect the right tool to the coupling piece as required. KMA 135 R cannot be used with the FSB-KM.

The speed of the powerful EC motor can be continuously adjusted using the control handle. You can set one of three preset speed levels that you can use as an energy-saving mode . Since the motor of the STIHL KMA 135 R also works very quietly, you can work in noise-sensitive areas and without hearing protection . To increase the service life of the engine, it is equipped with an air filter with metal grille . This ensures optimal cooling and is also easy to clean. For a high degree of freedom of movement, even in narrow spaces, the STIHL KMA 135 R combination motor is equipped with a all-round handle with a step limiter . The step limiter ensures that your feet and legs cannot get too close to the tool. The device housing of the KMA 135 is prepared for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A.


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