Honda EU32i Generator


The new Honda EU32i Generator is championed as the lightest portable 3200-watt inverter generator under the Japanese company. The EU32i has a compact design that makes it ideal for on-site energy needs.

This provides users with clean and reliable power that is safe for use on sensitive devices, such as desktop computers and technical equipment. Additionally, the new Honda EU32i is capable of running many kitchen appliances and charging DC batteries.

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient generator, the 3KVA generator is definitely the one you need. The Honda EU32i can operate for up to 7.6 hours at ¼ load on a tank of petrol. The generator’s Eco-Throttle system allows it to extend run time and adjust fuel consumption based on the power demand.

With this generator, you won’t have to worry about operating in the dark. Each machine is equipped with built-in recessed lights for after-dark operations. It also has an LED output, Fuel indicator and warning indicator lights.


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